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bruno-insidePilates Beginners class in Penarth near Cardiff Bay, starts Thursday March 5th 2020
Pilates Beginner Course, March 5th Penarth 2020 6 spaces left.

Our beginner 4 week course in our Penarth studio will teach you the principles and techniques of Pilates with visual PDFs sent straight to your computer for you to practise at home or gym. A maximum of 12 spaces in the class. Contact us Pilates Penarth. Our 4 week Pilates course costs £30. 

Pilates Intermediate Courses in our Penarth studio, starts February 2020 in Penarth near Cardiff Bay a maximum of 12 spaces are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants. The small numbers mean that under John and Tanya's supervision, you can master the Pilates techniques of breathing and posture safely and progress from beginners to intermediate at your own pace. John and Tanya trained at the Pilates Institute in London with Micheal King.

Variations in our Pilates classes Penarth.
We vary our Pilates classes in Penarth from week to week, giving variety and adaptations of the classic Pilates exercises with over 16 different types of classes.

  • Pilates Flow                               Pilates Golf
  • Pilates Back Care                      Pilates Relaxation 
  • Pilates Isotoner                         Pilates Ab Specific
  • Pilates Gymstick                        Pilates Stretch
  • Pilates Sequencing                     Pilates Medicine Ball
  • Pilates Circuits                           Pilates Swiss Ball
  • Pilates Weights                          Pilates Balance  
  • Pilates Glide                              Pilates Total Core

Pilates Classes Penarth are offered throughout the week. 

Monday6-7pm  Intermediate II

Tuesday 6-7pm  Intermediate II

Tuesday 7-8pm  Intermediate  I

Wednesday6-7pm  Intermediate II

Wednesday7-8pm Advanced 

Thursday6-7pm Beginners

Thursday7-8pm Intermediate II

Attendance is strictly by appointment only in our Penarth Studio.  Please contact us directly for the availability in the above classes. 

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