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Hypnosis is a powerful method of change which has been known to human beings for thousands of years. It is recognised in medical literature that hypnotherapy can be a very powerful method of pain control. The British Psychological Society as “Hypnosis is a valid subject for scientific study and research and a proven therapeutic medium.”

Hypnotherapy can be understood as a way of amplifying certain responses while diminishing others. Hypnosis is particularly effective in promoting a relaxed and imaginative approach to solving difficult problems. However you, the subject, are always in control of this process. Most people report a deeper sense of relaxation and sense of wellbeing following a hypnotherapy session.

Szary Associates of Penarth and Cardiff have many years of experience in the use of hypnosis in combination with other methods, to achieve change over seemingly immovable problems. Some examples of its application:

A combination of hypnosis and NLP assisted one woman to overcome a dental fear which meant she did not enter a dental practice for several years.

Fear of flying stopped one mother from going on holiday with her family. Two sessions assisted her to feel confident in her ability to control her emotions and to relax when on an aeroplane.

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