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Pilates in the Gym Penarth, Cardiff Bay and Cardiff

There are more opportunities than ever for fitness training.  In any health and fitness club, there is an array of specialised equipment to work all parts of the body.


There are also an endless variety of classes you can take part in, for example circuit training, aerobics and spinning classes to name just a few. To gain and maintain optimum fitness we need a mixture of these activities to provide strength, stamina, speed, skill and cardiovascular health.

However, we also need to keep the body frame and muscles safe and for that, we need a strong core, a flexible spine and limbs and a breathing technique that promotes good oxygenation and calms the mind.

Pilates can provide all you need for a foundation on which to build all your fitness routines.  It is not what you do, but the way that you do it that matters.  The dangers of poor posture, careless exercise in the gym and in classes causes numerous injuries every year.  When performing one exercise, you should be aware of what the rest of your body is doing.

A course in Pilates in the gym will give you a grounding that will reshape your body, make your training more effective and reduce risk of injury for years to come. All of our tutotion is in our Penarth studio near Cardiff Bay.

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