Zoom Fit for Motorsport

Zoom Fit for Motorsport

The demand for a high level of fitness in Motorsport is very important. We make tailor made packages of specific strength, core, coordination and functional body exercise for a combined multi level program.


There are several benefits of fitness for motor racing drivers, including:


Improved Endurance: Motor racing is a physically demanding sport that requires drivers to maintain high levels of focus and concentration for extended periods. Fitness training can improve endurance and stamina, allowing drivers to stay sharp and perform at their best for longer periods of time.


Increased Strength: Stronger muscles can help drivers handle the high G-forces that are experienced during races. This is especially important for drivers who compete in open-wheel series, where they may experience forces of up to 5 Gs.


Better Reaction Time: Fitness training can improve a driver's reaction time, allowing them to react quickly to changing conditions on the track. This can be crucial in avoiding accidents and making split-second decisions.


Reduced Risk of Injury: Being in good physical condition can help reduce the risk of injury during crashes or other incidents on the track. Strong muscles and bones can help absorb the impact of a crash and reduce the risk of serious injury.


Improved Mental Focus: Fitness training can also improve mental focus and concentration, which is essential for success in motor racing. A fit driver is better equipped to maintain their focus throughout a long race, which can help them make better decisions and avoid mistakes.


Overall, fitness is an important aspect of success in motor racing. It can help drivers perform at their best and reduce the risk of injury, while also providing a competitive edge over other drivers who may not prioritize their physical fitness.


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