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Pre & Post Natal Fitness Training and Pilates Penarth, Cardiff Bay, Cowbridge

pre and post pregnancy cardiff penarth cowbridge barryOne to one Pilates and light resistance work, is one of the best post natal exercise regimes to help regain body shape.  The aim of Pilates is to promote long lean muscles and strengthen the transverse muscles.  The National Child Birth Trust recommends Pilates because it doesn't put pressure on the joints and push the heart rate up too high.  Many famous people such as Liz Hurley and Catherine Zeta Jones used Pilates during and after their pregnancies.

Pre Natal Personal Training and Pilates

Many Pilates moves can be used to benefit the expectant mother, helping her to maintain good posture and become more aware of her changing body.  The technique also allows the mother to follow a safe and effective exercise programme throughout the whole pregnancy, one  that can be adapted to meet the current stage of her pregnancy and day to day energy levels.

Post Natal Personal Training and Pilates

Pilates works on the core muscle groups that give you shape and posture and helps to speed up the process  of regaining your figure.  One of the biggest changes to a woman's body during pregnancy is to the ligaments and fibrous tissue.  Using Pilates exercises with caution, can help these ligaments and tissue return to normal.  The combination of the Pilates exercises for strength and flexibility with the breathing, enhances the recovery process and keeps the mind calm and clear.

Benefits of Pilates in Pregnancy

*Increases abdominal strength which provides support for the weight of the uterus and baby and act as a splint for the spine by  helping to keep it in a neutral position.

*Aids childbirth by making the pelvic floor muscles stronger.

*Promotes good posture and strong core, which help to control the amount of pelvic tilt.

*Aids relaxation.

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