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John has a wealth of experience in personal fitness training.  PFT is the most effective way to improve your fitness and body shape.  Golf uses every part of the body and demands dynamic power from a standing start.  It also needs endurance, core strength and a flexible spine.  John's golf fitness programmes will teach you the exercises, stretches and training methods used by the top golf professionals playing on the tour today. From our Penarth Studio near Cardiff Bay and Cardiff is a perfect environment to get first for golf.  

Philip Price


With his expertise you can be assured that the exercises will be tailored to your needs and fitness level, with step-by-step instruction sheets to practice at home or on the golf course.  Golf fitness will enhance muscle strength, range of motion, core strength, power, aerobic endurance and balance, giving you a marked improvement in golf performance.  The exercise programmes are functional and specific, helping you to achieve a strong repeatable swing.  There is a science and an art to performing functional movement patterns.  Once you have achieved your fitness goal, you will gain consistency, improved distance, flexibility, control and power.

Golf is changing.  Tomorrow's golfers will be stronger, leaner, fitter, more powerful, more accurate and more competitive. 

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