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Next Nordic Walking 1 hour Beginner inroductory group course is running for Jul 2023 in Penarth and Cardiff Bay, Cost £15 (minimum 4 pupils) Please Contact us direct for more information.  

John also offers programmes including Nordic walking for amateur and professional golfers.


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Walk by yourself or with friends even if you are at different fitness levels.  Nordic Walking is one of the most sociable and effective exercise techniques around, from the social walker enjoying the outdoors with others, to the elite athlete needing sports specific cross training.  Nordic Walking (or Nordic running) is suitable for everyone.

Originating from summer training for cross country skiers, Nordic Walking works your upper and lower body at the same time.  It strengthens your back, legs and arms reducing neck and shoulder tension - all this while improving the health of your heart and lungs.  The exercise intensity is determined by upper body effort, so people with varying fitness levels can walk and talk together, while working to their own level with Nordic Walking.

With a little bit of Nordic Walking practice, you'll find that even though your heart, lungs and body are working harder.  Nordic Walking can feel easier and less tiring than normal walking.

Burn up to 45% more calories than in normal walking.

When Nordic Walking, you use your legs, arms, the rear part of your shoulders, your chest and back muscles.  That's 90% of your body's skeletal muscle.  Using more muscles in Nordic Walking means on average you burn up to 45% more calories than in normal walking at the same walking speed, but that's not all;

Although you are using more muscles and doing more exercises, the effort is spread across your whole body and therefore Nordic Walking can actually feel easier and less tiring than normal walking!

Reduce back, neck and shoulder pain.

Sitting down for most of the day whether at home, in the car or at the office, often leads to back pain, neck and shoulder tension.  Good Nordic Walking technique increases the rotation of the spine over normal walking, strengthening the spinal discs and reducing the incidence of back pain.

When Nordic Walking, the increased use of the upper body reduces the load on your knees, allowing you to exercise with much more comfort than normal walking or jogging.

Nordic Walking is easy to stick to.

You start an exercise programme with all the best intentions in the world, but find you have stopped.  Have you wanted to exercise with other people but felt that you weren't fit enough or that you'd only slow them down?

With Nordic Walking intensity, determined by upper body effort, you can now walk at the same speed as your family and friends while exercising at your optimal level.  Enjoy being able to share Nordic Walking with others; it makes you more likely to stick to your exercise programme and you get all the fresh air benefits of being out doors as well.

For sports people and regular exercisers

Nordic Walking is an ideal cross training exercise technique and addition to your regular programme.  Scientific studies of high intensity Nordic Walking have demonstrated heart rate levels reaching 75% of maximal values while participants were still walking.  Running with Nordic Walking poles allows you to turn up the intensity even further.

Try Nordic Walking while wearing a heart rate monitor.  The lowered rate of perceived exertion (RPE) felt with Nordic Walking means you might be surprised at just how hard your heart is working, while you are feeling relatively comfortable.  This whole body muscular activity, high heart rate response and yet lowered RPE found with Nordic Walking other types of training techniques - ideal cross training. 

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