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John Bruno Total Training introduction Blog. Over the next few months we will be introducing you to the wonderful world of JBTT.

Our Penarth Studio has over 10 skilled Fitness instructors and Health therapists who will share their expertise and knowledge.We hope to take away all the myths of the fitness and health industry and give you advice that will direct you into making life changing decisions to create a heathy and fit you.

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Pilates, working from the inside out.

If you’re new to Pilates, you must be asking, “What is Pilates?”  So let me tell you a little about how Pilates was born.

The exercise system Pilates came from the German born Joseph Pilates who was born in 1883.  Joseph was a child who suffered from many illnesses such as rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever and he committed himself to improving his physical health.  He worked on a wide range of exercises from bodybuilding, gymnastics, to yoga, improving his overall strength to such a standard that by the age of 14 he was posing for anatomical charts.

In 1925, Joseph moved to the United States and on the ship bound for America he met his wife.  They both opened a studio teaching students ‘Contrology’ a form of exercise combining the mind to control muscles, focusing on core postural muscles that help to keep the body balanced, providing support for the spine.  Pilates exercises teach you to combine breathing, spinal alignment and strengthen the deep abdominal muscles.

Due to their experience, their exercises built flexibility and strength and Joseph and his wife Clara soon developed a following in the dance and performing arts community with well known dancers sending their students to Joseph and Clara for training and rehabilitation and the Pilates method was soon practiced by ballerinas.

We have been teaching Pilates from our studio on a one to one basis and a class environment since 2000, which was the very first Pilates Studio in Wales.  Pilates is a fundamental part of fitness and health which forms a foundation of all the exercises we teach our clients.  We work alongside Physiotherapists and Chiropractors in helping clients attain a strong, healthy and mobile back. 

“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.”  Joseph Pilates.

Lets Get Nakd!

Lets face it, there are so many snack and breakfast bars on the market that claim to be ‘healthy’ that so often we are lured into choosing them as they are advertised as ‘cereal’ and ‘healthy’ then they must be good – right? Wrong. You’ll find that a lot of these breakfast biscuits and bars contain as much sugar as a bar of chocolate or a few regular biscuits with little or no good nutritional values at all, that once eaten we’re left unsatisfied and looking for more to snack on.

I’ve tried a few bars and I have to say that the Nakd ones are my absolute favourite. Working irregular hours and in need of a quick and healthy snack to have in between clients and classes, I’ve found these to be one of the best.  They offer 13 different flavours so there’s plenty of variety.  Nakd bars are all natural, made from nuts and dried fruit with no added sugars or additives and being wheat, dairy and gluten free will suit all.  The Berry Delight bar – to use as an example only has 4 ingredients, 135kcal with only 1g of saturated fat.  They are also a great pre and post work out snack that we recommend these to our clients.


So now you know some basic facts, what’s stopping you from getting Nakd?

Quick and easy total body routine

Let’s face it life is fast and full.  With over 24 years of personal training experience you can guarantee the first answer a client will give in a consultation is that “I don’t have time.”  I do believe that we have to make time.  We only have one body and looking after it is a top priority in life, so when poised with the answer “I don’t have time” our total body circuit is a great way to train.  This is what I’d like you to do, just make a little time to do this circuit and before you know it you’ll start to feel fit and healthy.

I went through this routine with two dj’s live on a BBC radio programme.  It was a scaled down version but they really enjoyed it and found it quite tough.

The routine is based on performing four exercises consisting of one for upper, lower, aerobic and core.  You begin with 10 repetitions of each exercise and then 9 descending to 1.  For those of you who can’t manage 10 of these repetitions, you can begin at 5 descending to 1. When you can complete 5 of each exercise, then increase to 6 building up to 10.

The Routine.

Press Ups


Star Jumps

Abdominal Curls

In total if you complete the whole circuit descending from 10 you would have completed 220 repetitions.

It’s always a good idea to make a note of the time it takes you to complete the routine aiming to reduce the time on your next attempt.  Within the routine there are lots of transitions (moving between exercises) and this is part of the structure of the routine.  Always remember that life is about being functional and moving from one position to another.  Have a go and keep us posted on your progress and post your time on Twitter and Facebook. 

If you would to learn how to perform other Total Body routines please contact us.

Have fun.

3 Day Juice Detox Review

3 Day Juice Detox Review

As part of John Bruno Total Training, we have joined together with Ben from BJ’s Juice Bar and have put together a 28 day detox and training plan costing £99 or just a 3 day juice detox for £49.  As a Personal Trainer I have discussed this plan with my clients and many of them have been asking the same; “What’s it like?” “Is it hard to follow?” “How will I feel just juicing?” so, not knowing fully how to answer these questions I decided to follow the 3 day juice detox myself.

First thing Monday morning I was weighed and measured so that on Thursday after the 3 days, I could compare the measurements and weight. I was presented with my first bag of the detox consisting of four different juices and a healthy Nakd bar.  I was only to have the contents of this bag along with plenty of water and the occasional black caffeine free herbal tea.  Great – I thought, I can do this so I planned my juices around my working day, leaving one juice and the Nakd bar for my evening’s dinner.

The juices varied from thicker shakes with seeds, I liked these the best as they were more satisfying, with other thinner fruitier ones.  I only had water that day and no herbal tea.  Day one was a success.  I found it easy to do and I didn’t have any cravings for my morning cup of tea or headaches.  “Bring on day two!” I said to myself.

On day two I started the morning with a black herbal tea and as before I planned my juices around my working day drinking only water.  I was still feeling good experiencing no headaches or cravings.  Only on one occasion I felt slightly peckish but who could blame me, as I was sitting opposite my husband who was chowing down on cheese on toast! He was no help at all, so I decided it was better to leave him to it.  The one thing that I realized was how much I snacked unnecessarily. I’d find myself reaching for a handful of nuts here or a yoghurt there without stopping to think if I really wanted or needed it, so I would say that was one big positive that has come from the detox.

Day three contained five juices, a Nakd bar as before plus a herbal tea bag.  The last day was a breeze, still feeling good without headaches or cravings I was also able to sit opposite my husband while he ate his lunch, without me wanting to hit him! (That was only a momentary thought on day 2).  The last day was going so well that I didn’t really want my last juice so I kept that for the morning.

Now that the 3 day detox was complete I could now tell my clients more about it.  First thing Thursday morning I was measured and weighed with the results showing a 3kg weight loss. Not bad hey? The aim of the detox wasn’t necessarily to lose weight but just to cleanse and reevaluate my eating habits.  It’s made me hit the re-set button with food to stop and think before eating and to only eat when hungry.  

Although the measurements and body composition showed that there was some fat loss, as a trainer I know that I will gain a few pounds naturally over the next few days but my re-set button is now pressed and I will think before I eat.

So, the question is would I recommend this? Yes. Would I do this again? Definitely.

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