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Testimonials: The Stars. 

frances donovan tv presenter

 I said to John, give me arms like Jennifer Aniston, a tough task that would make a lesser man quake, but not John Bruno.  Whatever the thought of my aspirations of getting an A  lister physique, he quietly got on with the task, on making a girl with a dodgy back stronger, fitter and healthier.  I may not have Jen's arms yet, but he has make me feel like a  million dollars already.  


Frances Donovan - Presenter & Broadcaster.






Emma Hignett

 I trained with John for two years and it wasn't just because it sounded so impressive to refuse lunch  because I was seeing my trainer that afternoon.  John's great company and my stamina increased in that  period, so that I could chat, laugh and argue through most of the session and on top of that, I became  much, much fitter, my thighs got slimmer, my arms more toned and I became determined to keep myself  fit and healthy. He even let me show off doing the Pilates exercises that I'm better at, than him!"

 Emma Hignett - Capital Radio, London.


Spencer John

 "John takes training into another dimension.  I thought I trained hard, but training with John, you    realise different.  What John has given me is invaluable in my sport and career - thanks John."


 Spencer John - Former Wales & Cardiff R.F.U 






Phillip Price

 "Being a professional golfer, time is at a premium, John has designed a total body fitness programme  that is time efficient, enjoyable and is improving my game and health.  For the first time, I have found  an exercise programme that I am comfortable with and suits my lifestyle.  I think of it as an investment  in my health now and for the future.  For me it's the difference that makes the difference."

 Phillip Price - Professional Golfer



Fflur Wyn


 "Thank you for some wonderful classes. I really feel the benefit, even after just 3 classes. Thanks, Fflur"


 Fflur Wyn - Opera Singer. 




Susan Bickley "What a great introduction to Pilates - I really feel reallly encouraged to carry on and find some  suppleness - somewhere -  thanks John"


 Susan Bickley -  Opera Singer.




"Excellent workout - building strength and suppleness. Leaves you feeling able to face the world with a new body"


Mark Padmore - Opera singer. 

Testimonials: Personal Training.

I would like to thank Brian for all his efforts in getting me back to the best condition I have been in for fiftteen - twenty years
I had both my knees totally replaced twenty months ago and I cannot believe how good I now feel, thank you Brian.

David Baker 

I've trained most of my adult life, but meeting John has taught me the difference between training ineffectively without much results and training effectively with results. 

Julian Baines - MD

Training with John and Tanya for 5 years has definitkey improved my back problem along with my fitness level. This impacts on my life as it helps me sustain my demanding job.

Caroline Williams - Healthcare Development Executive 

"Following Marks training plan I not only realised my dream of completing the Cardiff Half Marathon 2011, but did it in just 2hours 12mins.  Considering I had only ever done a 5k run previously, Mark took me from nothing to being a very happy half marathon runner. He is a great teacher who combines training with fun, and is always at the end of an email providing continuing support and advice."

Terri - Vale of Glamorgan

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