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Quit Smoking in Cardiff, Penarth, Barry and Cowbridge

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Smoking is a habit which many people struggle to control, finding sometimes that it feels as it smoking controls them. For many people smoking is a major health concern. Our aim is to help you to exert control over smoking so that you can make choices which support health and wellbeing.

Gerard Szary based in Penarth and Cardiff, who oversees smoking cessation, was a very heavy smoker in a work environment which encouraged such habits. Gerard is aware of how powerful the urge for nicotine can be, and also how good it feels to be able to exert control over it.

Smoking cessation is available either as an individual programme run over four sessions, or as a 1 day group work course. Both approaches are based upon programmes endorsed by the American Psychological Association.

So now if you want to improve your health, wealth and wellbeing, call Gerard Szary of Penarth and Cardiff on 07753620777 to begin to take control.

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