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Pregnancy is a time of mixed emotions, excitement, happiness, stress, fear of the unknown (first time around!).  You and your body will experience emotional and physical change. As your body changes for baby you will feel different about yourself.

Many women ‘sail’ through the 9 months of pregnancy, feeling great, with only a few ‘niggles’ and aches along the way. Others struggle with constant nausea, back pain and hip pain, and may have been diagnosed with SPD (symphosis pubis dysfunction). Pregnancy massage is absolutely invaluable at helping with these complaints, as not only does it address the muscular tension and pain, but also on an emotional level helps to rebalance and relax, providing quiet time for mother and unborn baby to connect with each other. 

Safe to enjoy at any stage of your pregnancy massage can help to relieve muscular tension, back ache, hip pain and improve circulation and lymph flow (reducing swelling).  Massage can also help to address muscle imbalance and weakness, often culminating in sciatica type symptoms, typically pain in the lower back, buttocks and hamstrings (back of the leg). 

If you have any issues during your pregnancy you are advised to consult with your GP before attending a massage session.  Please ensure you inform the therapist of your pregnancy term at the time of making an appointment.  During the later stage of pregnancy many women feel uncomfortable lying and a chair massage such as Indian Head or Reflexology may be more appropriate and comfortable.

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