Face Yoga Exercise Cardiff Penarth Cowbridge

Face Yoga Exercise In Penarth Cardiff Bay, Cardiff and Cowbridge 

John Bruno is an super trainer in Face yoga.The Danielle Face Yoga Method is a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier. With a combination of face exercises, face massage, face acupressure and face relaxation. John Penarth studio is 5 minutes from Cardiff Bay and twenty minutes from Cowbridge.


How does Face Yoga method work

Face Exercise: as a Personal Trainer for over 32 years I realise the importance of exercise to keep your body firm and toned. Our Face and neck has 57 muscles, firming and toning these muscles will improve the look of the Face using these simple but effective Face Yoga exercise techniques.

Face Massage: regular massaging the face will increase the circulation, lymph flow and remove toxins.

Acupressure: this age old technique works by pressing on certain points on the face.

Relaxation: learning to relax the tension in the face muscles this will help reduce and prevent the deep set lines and wrinkles caused by stress, squinting or grimacing. 

Wellbeing: all of the techniques help rejuvenate your facial muscles and skin. working from the inside with proven techniques for a health glowling complexion.

Face Yoga One to One: 50 minute Face Yoga will teach you the all of the 20 minute, 5 minute routines and the rest of the Danielle Collins method
Cost: £50.

Face Yoga Workshop: 1 hour Face Yoga workshop, teaching all the principles of the Danielle Collins face Yoga method and refreshments. Please email for our next workshop date.
Cost: £12 

Zoom Face Yoga :  45 minutes x 3 sessions. Cost: £120. Your course will be tailored to your individual goals. With a PDF emailed with your bespoke routine.

Zoom Face Yoga group course:  25 minutes x 4 sessions. Cost: £30. The course will teach you the principles of Face Yoga and demonstrate each exercise.

Face Yoga DVD £15 (postage to pay)


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