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HIIT/Tabata Training Penarth, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff,

Tabata-Cardiff-Penarth-Cowbridge-Barry-Newport-London-WalesThere are many workouts offering different results whether you're looking to increase muscle, increase fitness and strength or looking to loose a little weight.

The most commonly used are Cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling, skipping and power walking which usually fall into the level of moderate intensity category and usually performed anywhere between 30 - 60minutes at the same pace.

Heard of Tabata Training?  Tabata is the name of a particular type of workout which was derived from Professor Izumi Tabata's research of 17years. Tabata Training is a method of HIIT Training (high intensity interval training).  This comprimises of 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds rest repeated eight times, equalling a total of 4 minutes.  

To conclude, Tabata is a high intensity interval training method with more benefits than traditional cardiovasular exercise whilst promoting body conditioning and strength.  It's duration of only 4 minutes per Tabata is efficient and can fit into any fitness routine.  

We use HIIT with our Personal Fitness Clients.

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