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Sports Specific Success Coaching Cardiff, Penarth, Barry and Cowbridge

John Bruno is a qualified trainer in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which is the art and science of personal excellence.  Art because everyone brings their unique personality and style to what they do and this can be captured in words or techniques.  Science because there is a method and process for finding the patterns used by outstanding individuals in any field, to achieve outstanding results.

Sports Specific Coaching Cardiff Penarth Barry and Cowbridge

In specific sports, you can be at peak condition physically, but if your mind is not trained to stay focused, positive and confident, you cannot perform at your best.  NLP has been used by top sports professionals in countries such as America and Australia for some time and is now increasingly used in this country.  Both sports teams and individuals are now realising the power of NLP for effective communication, motivation, accelerating learning and achieving personal excellence.

John has been effectively using NLP with his clients since 1996 and has a wealth of experience in using NLP within many sports such as boxing, rugby, judo, tennis, horse riding, cycling, running, rowing and golf.

John Bruno Total Training can provide One-to-One consultations, presentations, seminars and workshops.  

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