About Virtual Studio

Virtual Studio - The first too offer HD quality training anywhere in the world. Our specifically designed Virtual Fitness & health Studio offers the best experience of a Virtual Gym in your home or place of work. With live One to One, classes and video streaming.

Our Video Gym with over 50 videos is offered to any of our clients training at our studio and using our virtual classes. A years membership is only £15 

Virtual Pilates, Virtual Personal Training, Virtual Succes Coaching, Virtual Golf Fitness and Virtual Face Yoga. 

With our Virtual Studio you can also use Skype, Facetime and Zoom. We train groups of clients with either time restraints or traveling contraints. Over 29 years of experience Skype Pilates and Skype Personal training is the ideal way to train.

Skype Pilates, Skype Personal Training, Skype Succes Coaching, Skype Golf Fitness and Skype Face Yoga.

With Clients in the USA, Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and all over the UK John Bruno Virtual Fitness & Health Studio is bringing Virtual Fitness & Health to the World