Zoom Face Yoga


Zoom Face Yoga

"Mentioned in the Sunday Times Style magazaine 26 August 2012"

Zoom Face Yoga teaching is the new way to learn Face Yoga via Zoom in the comfort of your own home or office anywhere in the world. Zoom Face Yoga is a One to One or small group class video call where we train you over a web cam. The video call can be made with FaceTime if you prefer.

Zoom or FaceTime  Face Yoga - How it Works

1. FREE Zoom or FaceTime  intial consultation. 

2. Secure payment with Paypal, 3 sessions for £99

3. Arrange a suitable time for your 3 x 45 minutes bespoke sessions.

Zoom or FaceTime  Face Yoga - What you need

1. A fast internet connection.

2. Computer with a webcam or a iphone, ipad.

Zoom or FaceTime  Face Yoga - Your session

1. Your bespoke session will be 45 minutes of teaching and training.

2. Each exercise can be taught with good technique and form to give you optimal exercise results.

3. Your course will be tailored to your individual goals. With a PDF emailed with your bespoke routine.

Zoom or FaceTime  Face Yoga - What do you do next.

If you are interested in zoom  Face Yoga, please contact us to arrange your FREE consultation.