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Anyone who has read about Tiger Woods will know that he is a follower of Pilates for golf, the fitness regime that emphasizes flexibility, posture, balance and coordination while building core strength.

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900's, Pilates is best known as an esoteric conditioning system that became fashionable among female dancers, models and actresses by the end of the last century.

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In recent years, it has become widely used by professional sports people and numerous top golfers, no doubt inspired by players like Tiger Woods. Club players are also reaping the benefits that Pilates exercises bring.  Many have been converted soon after they discovered their wives' golf game began to improve due to Pilates.

Pilates exercises are designed to promote long lean muscles, increase core stability and a flexible spine. When performed regularly, the breathing technique used with each exercise promotes good oxygenation and calms the mind, therefore Pilates is an excellent pre-game warm routine to set up your mobility and calm your mind. It also helps prevent injury particularly back problems common to golfers.

John and Tanya Bruno use Pilates as a base for all their fitness regimes and believe that it improves everyone's physical abilities. Working with numerous golfers, John says "It works so well because it improves muscle recruitment.  Besides strengthening the core, the muscles also are trained to work better in concert.  As a result, any motion becomes more efficient, particularly swinging a club.  It creates a great foundation for a smoother swing that has a greater power and can make a 20 or 30 yard improvement". 

Our Golf Pilates can be performed at our Pilates and fitness studio in Penarth near Cardiff Bay, or using Zoom Pilates for Golf method.

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