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We are delighted to have Brian Daley MBE as a member of our fitness team.

Brian Daley MBE

Brian has worked in the fitness industry since 1960 and was an instructor in HMS Army Physical Training Corps for 22 years.  He has coaching qualifications in swimming, squash, fencing, boxing, judo, gymnastics and trampolining.  "Dalysan" as he was known in the army, was a British international judo player and a BJA Hon. national coach and fitness trainer to the British Olympic Team in 1972.

He now specilises in rehabilitation, fitness and exercise for the seniors from 40 to 80+.  He says "Physical activity is so important as we progress into later years.  It is imperative to retain strength and mobility in all body parts, to enable us to lead a much more functional life style and improve our quality of life".  He has a passion to improve the physical fitness and wellness in the older generation and has gained valuable experience working with the senior sector in the last 8 years, whilst heading the team at Esporta Fitness Club and the St Davids Spa Hotel.

He has worked extensively with Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre in Surrey and has professional and personal experience with back and knee conditions.  He focuses on prevention, surgical rehabilitation and maintenance for back, hip and knee problems.

Brian Daley

Brian has a passion for sport and remains actively involved.  He is a keen cyclist and enjoys cycling tours in the UK and Europe, recently completing the Tour de France route.  He is also an experienced cross country skier and takes part annually in the famous Engadin Ski Marathon, a 42 km race that is held on the second Sunday of March.

Brian has already become a valued member of the fitness team and is known for his 4 Es - Enthusiasm, Energy, Expertise and Experience.


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