Lets Get Nakd!

Lets face it, there are so many snack and breakfast bars on the market that claim to be ‘healthy’ that so often we are lured into choosing them as they are advertised as ‘cereal’ and ‘healthy’ then they must be good – right? Wrong. You’ll find that a lot of these breakfast biscuits and bars contain as much sugar as a bar of chocolate or a few regular biscuits with little or no good nutritional values at all, that once eaten we’re left unsatisfied and looking for more to snack on.

I’ve tried a few bars and I have to say that the Nakd ones are my absolute favourite. Working irregular hours and in need of a quick and healthy snack to have in between clients and classes, I’ve found these to be one of the best.  They offer 13 different flavours so there’s plenty of variety.  Nakd bars are all natural, made from nuts and dried fruit with no added sugars or additives and being wheat, dairy and gluten free will suit all.  The Berry Delight bar – to use as an example only has 4 ingredients, 135kcal with only 1g of saturated fat.  They are also a great pre and post work out snack that we recommend these to our clients.


So now you know some basic facts, what’s stopping you from getting Nakd?