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Quick and easy total body routine

Let’s face it life is fast and full.  With over 24 years of personal training experience you can guarantee the first answer a client will give in a consultation is that “I don’t have time.”  I do believe that we have to make time.  We only have one body and looking after it is a top priority in life, so when poised with the answer “I don’t have time” our total body circuit is a great way to train.  This is what I’d like you to do, just make a little time to do this circuit and before you know it you’ll start to feel fit and healthy.

I went through this routine with two dj’s live on a BBC radio programme.  It was a scaled down version but they really enjoyed it and found it quite tough.

The routine is based on performing four exercises consisting of one for upper, lower, aerobic and core.  You begin with 10 repetitions of each exercise and then 9 descending to 1.  For those of you who can’t manage 10 of these repetitions, you can begin at 5 descending to 1. When you can complete 5 of each exercise, then increase to 6 building up to 10.

The Routine.

Press Ups


Star Jumps

Abdominal Curls

In total if you complete the whole circuit descending from 10 you would have completed 220 repetitions.

It’s always a good idea to make a note of the time it takes you to complete the routine aiming to reduce the time on your next attempt.  Within the routine there are lots of transitions (moving between exercises) and this is part of the structure of the routine.  Always remember that life is about being functional and moving from one position to another.  Have a go and keep us posted on your progress and post your time on Twitter and Facebook. 

If you would to learn how to perform other Total Body routines please contact us.

Have fun.