3 Day Juice Detox Review

3 Day Juice Detox Review

As part of John Bruno Total Training, we have joined together with Ben from BJ’s Juice Bar and have put together a 28 day detox and training plan costing £99 or just a 3 day juice detox for £49.  As a Personal Trainer I have discussed this plan with my clients and many of them have been asking the same; “What’s it like?” “Is it hard to follow?” “How will I feel just juicing?” so, not knowing fully how to answer these questions I decided to follow the 3 day juice detox myself.

First thing Monday morning I was weighed and measured so that on Thursday after the 3 days, I could compare the measurements and weight. I was presented with my first bag of the detox consisting of four different juices and a healthy Nakd bar.  I was only to have the contents of this bag along with plenty of water and the occasional black caffeine free herbal tea.  Great – I thought, I can do this so I planned my juices around my working day, leaving one juice and the Nakd bar for my evening’s dinner.

The juices varied from thicker shakes with seeds, I liked these the best as they were more satisfying, with other thinner fruitier ones.  I only had water that day and no herbal tea.  Day one was a success.  I found it easy to do and I didn’t have any cravings for my morning cup of tea or headaches.  “Bring on day two!” I said to myself.

On day two I started the morning with a black herbal tea and as before I planned my juices around my working day drinking only water.  I was still feeling good experiencing no headaches or cravings.  Only on one occasion I felt slightly peckish but who could blame me, as I was sitting opposite my husband who was chowing down on cheese on toast! He was no help at all, so I decided it was better to leave him to it.  The one thing that I realized was how much I snacked unnecessarily. I’d find myself reaching for a handful of nuts here or a yoghurt there without stopping to think if I really wanted or needed it, so I would say that was one big positive that has come from the detox.

Day three contained five juices, a Nakd bar as before plus a herbal tea bag.  The last day was a breeze, still feeling good without headaches or cravings I was also able to sit opposite my husband while he ate his lunch, without me wanting to hit him! (That was only a momentary thought on day 2).  The last day was going so well that I didn’t really want my last juice so I kept that for the morning.

Now that the 3 day detox was complete I could now tell my clients more about it.  First thing Thursday morning I was measured and weighed with the results showing a 3kg weight loss. Not bad hey? The aim of the detox wasn’t necessarily to lose weight but just to cleanse and reevaluate my eating habits.  It’s made me hit the re-set button with food to stop and think before eating and to only eat when hungry.  

Although the measurements and body composition showed that there was some fat loss, as a trainer I know that I will gain a few pounds naturally over the next few days but my re-set button is now pressed and I will think before I eat.

So, the question is would I recommend this? Yes. Would I do this again? Definitely.

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